Is your Hot Water Unit reaching it’s use by date?

Is your Hot Water Unit reaching it’s use by date?

Hot water systems are doing very well if they last longer than ten years. If your hot water unit is getting close to 10 years old, keep in mind that it may be getting close to it’s use by date. Changes of season can also be the last straw for some systems that are struggling, from warmer to cooler temperatures can cause some systems to finally fail.
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Some signs to look out for which may indicate a problem with your hot water unit can include:

Changes in your water temperature. If your water feels cooler than usual, takes longer to heat up, or the hot water runs out quicker.

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Are you struggling with your hot water running out?

If the water changes colour. Rusty water may indicate corrosion in the tank or the anode rod that is in the tank specifically to attract corrosive elements. We recommend changing the anode every few years.
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Discoloured water can be a sign of corrosion in your hot water system

Any signs of dripping, leaks, or moisture around the unit.

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A leaking hot water system can be a sign that your current system is about to fail

Your system being noisier than usual as it heats up. This is the system trying to work harder to do what it used to find easy.

These are all signs that your Hot Water unit is getting close to being replaced. When you are ready, it is a great opportunity for your plumber to have a look at your current system, and whether that system is still the best system for your current needs. Our plumbers will ask a few questions, have a look around and recommend the best system based on your family size and hot water requirements – whether that is electric, gas, heat pump or solar. The plumber will also look at the location of your current system and whether there is a better one.

Which hot water system is best for your current needs?

Remember, it’s not always about the cheapest price when replacing your hot water system. Sometimes there is a solution that may cost a little more to begin with, but will save you tenfold over the course of it’s lifespan.

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