Drain Clearing using our Drain Jetter machine

Drain Clearing using our Drain Jetter machine

The traditional drain clearing methods of using the drain eel is rapidly being replaced by the use of Drain Jetter machines. At Creek to Coast plumbing we have both a Drain Jetter and also the traditional drain clearing eel. The Drain Jetter is used for most of our blocked drains as it is the preferred method for most blockages. On this blocked drain, Damian ran the high pressure jetter down the drain initially, and followed it up by the root cutting tip to completely clear the blockage. He then ran the jetter down the drain again, to ensure that it was completely clear of debris and running clear all the way to the outlet. The added advantage of the jetter is that it also cleans the drain as it unblocks it, clearing away any sludge and debris as it goes. The Drain Jetter is an expensive piece of equipment, and is used by quality plumbers who care about providing the best and most appropriate solutions for both clearing and maintaining your drains.
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Damian is now running the tough root cutting tip down the drain to clear the tree roots

The next step for these home owners is to do a complete camera analysis of the drain system to see what has caused the blockages, and the best way to fix them for a long term solution.

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