Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain Specialists Moreton Bay & Surrounds

We can unblock and repair your blocked drains . Emergency blocked drain plumber service available.

Super fast, same day service

We have the latest and best equipment on board including the latest Drain Jetter

  • Drain Camera
  • Locator
  • Electric Eel
Plumbing, bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, tap repairs, blocked toilet, plumbers, leaking shower, water filter, backflow prevention
Plumbing, bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, tap repairs, blocked toilet, plumbers, leaking shower, water filter, backflow prevention

Blocked drains are not only annoying, but they can pose a real health risk. Creek to Coast Plumbing’s plumbers are your local blocked drains experts, we can fix your blocked drains fast. Whether your toilet or sink is backing up; or your backyard is flooding when it rains, we can help.

Blockages in your drains and pipes are generally caused by excess fat and silt deposits, faulty pipe work or root intrusion and damage. We handle all types of blocked drains, big or small. We have the best and latest technology to diagnose and clear your blocked drain quickly and efficiently.

We have the latest drain camera technology to correctly diagnose your drain issues and fix them properly.

Plumbing, bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, emergency plumbing, moreton bay, north Brisbane, blocked drain, leaky tap, hot water system

Longterm drain repairs

Clearing a blocked drain is just the beginning. If you clear a blockage from a drain but don’t fix the problem that caused it, then you can expect another blocked drain in the near future. The drain blockage is just the symptom of an underlying problem. We recommend that we undertake a camera diagnosis of your drain to determine the underlying cause of the blockage.

We can help with:

  • a blocked toilet, sink or shower drain
  • collapsed, broken or blocked pipes
  • broken or blocked sewer drain or pipes
  • blocked drains including blocked stormwater drainage

Drain cleaning services

Regular drain cleaning can minimise the likelihood of blocked drains. Creek to Coast Plumbing offer a plumbing inspection service to give you a clear report on your drain and pipe health. This procedure involves an experienced plumber using a CCTV drain inspection camera to determine if you have any undetected issues before they become blockages. Our plumber can then provide recommendations on pipe repairs or drain cleaning where needed. Once we inspect your drains, and determine the cause of the blockage, our locator can find the exact location of the blockage. This allows us to repair the problem with minimal impact on your property, and save you unnecessary costs. We can complete any necessary plumbing repairs and drain repairs as well as the installation of new plumbing, pipes and drains. If your home or business relies on a healthy plumbing system we suggest that a periodic drain clean is included in your routine maintenance schedule.

Your local drain specialists

Creek to Coast Plumbing have the very latest technology in drain clearing equipment to quickly diagnose your drainage problems. This means we can handle blocked drains with ease. We can also provide long term drainage solutions such as pipe replacement, or pipe patching and pipe relining if necessary. For your blocked drain repairs and solutions, call our booking team to have our blocked drain specialist at your home or business today on 1300 793 962, or use our booking form above to book. Blocked bathroom drains, blocked kitchen drains, external drains that are blocked and just general household drains. They’re one of the most common plumbing issues we see in Moreton Bay. It is really important that blocked drains are fixed immediately! One of our fully trained, professional plumbers will rectify the issue before any more, potential health issues or damage can be caused.

Signs of a blocked drain include:-

  • Puddles of water around the outside of the house when it hasn’t been raining
  • Patches of lawn that are greener than other areas of the lawn
  • Toilets that take a long time to empty
  • Toilets fill up before they empty
  • Drains take a long time to go down
  • Overflowing down pipes
  • Concrete cracks that have water seeping out of them
  • Toilets, sinks or showers backing up
  • Grates outside overflowing
  • Gurgling from pipes, toilets or other plumbing fixtures
  • Foul smells coming from drains or plumbing fixtures
For blocked drain repairs and emergency blocked drain services in Moreton Bay and surrounds, call us, and we will be there asap for fast blocked drain repairs.

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